You are bidding on this plant samples pictured here.( flower name: Harry Potter ). The price of each grafted plant, which is one sprout, The plant Diameter of caudex are 4 cm and the grafted sprout are 2 cm.The plant Diameter of caudex and the sprout are both more than 4 cm and currently happy and growing in my garden. These grafts have a very nice fat caudex starting to form and are busting at the seems begging to be repotted. These are grafted plants with very healthy root systems and it is currently growing in a 4" pot. I will clean this plant, take away the leaves and the dust, and let it bare root and will be care of the package when I am ready to ship them. (Picture of adenium grafted Experiences), which also have many pictures of grafts. The grafts will be in a good condition when you receive it. About the mini order, I only accept PayPal Payment. I can ship the order all over the world. If I receive the total money, I will promptly write a mail to inform winning bidder that I get the money. The order will be shipped within 5-7 day and I will also write a mail to tell you the number of the EMS mail receipt. Thanks for looking at my Auction. Notes: Look over my other selections of seeds and plants If I do not list what you are looking for, please feel free to e-mail me what you need. I pack those grafted plants with clean advertising shattering paper as the pictures. I will pack them with advertisement paper and put them into the plastic bags. All plants are individually labeled. I also use thick box to pack the grafted plants. On the top of the box, I put the quarantine certificate and invoice. When you receive the grafted plants, the appearance of the box will be similar the pictures.

Because of the previous experience on mailing order, I decide to mail the grafted plants via Express Mail Service, which will take 6-14 days, which will be better for plants. If you are interested in winning this auction, please read this document carefully because the shipping fees sometimes will higher than plants. If you accept this, you can bide on the auction. IF you have some questions on shipping fees, please write e-mail to ask me before you bide. I will answer your questions soon. Thank you for your time. This time I will mail plants via EMS. The followings is the EMS price list in Taiwan, The currency unit: NT$ 11111 USD = 29 NT$

Weight / Distance
Hong Kong. Macao
Asia. Oceania
Europe. America. Canada

Central and Southern America Africa

0.25 kg
300 NT$
360 NT$
430 NT$
600 NT$
0.5 kg
350 NT$
450 NT$
560 NT$
750 NT$
1.0 kg
420 NT$
530 NT$
700 NT$
930 NT$
1.5 kg
490 NT$
NT$ 610
840 NT$
1110 NT$
2.0 kg
560 NT$
690 NT$
980 NT$
1290 NT$
2.5 kg
630 NT$
NT$ 770
1120 NT$
1470 NT$
3.0 kg
700 NT$
850 NT$
1260 NT$
1650 NT$
3.0 kg ~ 10.0 kgif the order weigh every more 0.5 kg
60 NT$
70 NT$
130 NT$
180 NT$
10.0 kg ~ 20.0 kgif the order weigh every more 0.5 kg
50 NT$
60 NT$
110 NT$
170 NT$
20.0 kg ~ 30.0 kgif the order weigh every more 0.5 kg
40 NT$
50 NT$
90 NT$
160 NT$

If you buy 1 ~ 2 plant grafts, the packages weigh about 0.5 kg
If you buy 3 ~ 4 plant grafts, the packages weigh about 1.0 kg
If you buy 5 ~ 6 plant grafts, the packages weigh about 1.5 kg
If you buy 10 plant grafts, the packages weigh about 3.0 kg
If you buy 20 plant grafts, the packages weigh about 7 kg

The steps to mail the grafts and seeds:
First, I will apply for the quarantine certificate(If you buy less than 300 grafts Plant, quarantine certificate is free)
. Before mailing them out, I will spray grafts Plant the insecticide and fungicide, and then package them with quarantine certificate and invoice which values less than US$ 50. In normal, customers take 6-14 days to ship the order.If you don't receive the order as the estimated day, they should cause by the different rules of every custom department.You can use the number on EMS to track the order and know where the order is. If you got the information that your grafts Plant or seeds are be confiscated because of some reasons, please ask the customs the reasons. I will improve the shipping ways in order to make sure that every customer can receive the order successfully. In other way, I will mail the grafrs plants or seeds to you as soon as possible. Of course, you can also choose to refund the money. I will mail out the grafts plants and seeds since four days when the auction ended.
I will put them on my website to let my customers to track the orders. the local website of EMS.
If you have any questions after you win the auctions, please write an e-mail to inform me first. I will try my best to serve you.
Because of the different language, please give me more time to describe the details. Thank you for your assist.

1.When you receive the plant grafts, open the plastic bag and pick them up
2.Please put them in a cool place for one day and spray the fungicide one time if it is convenient for you.
3.After one day, you can plant those grafts and also put them under black woven shade cloth (about 50% sunlight) and don't water very much.When they grow leaves, you can remove them in the normal place (100% sunlight) and increase the water.

I can't send grafted plants to Australia. In my experience, the plants should be observe for five or six months in the customs, including the some custom expenses. It will be fine if the Australia clients buy seeds, but if the Australia customers want to buy grafted plants, it should be not a good decision.

Initial contact by the high bidder(s) must be made within 3 days of the auction's ending, Thank you for your order.Please give me the receiver name and address. so that I can ship the seeds to you rapidly.

Bidders with Feedback ratings below Zero, (Negative Feedback Rating) or with a history of Bid Retractions and/or non-completion of auction payments, I reserve the right to cancel your bids at any time.

Return Policy:
When you receive the order in a good condition, I can't accept the customers to return the order. I can only promise that if the order are damaged when you receive them, I accept you can return the plants or seeds. I have good credit both on my seeds and plants. If the order really damage, please contact me at the first time and take a picture to mail me. I will mail the order to you again as soon as possible.

Customer Service:
I am not very good in English, so I need the translator to help. Normally I rely letter on Tuesday and Friday. When the auctions end, I will mail the invoice to you within 1-2 days. If you have any questions, please contact me. I will mail the order to you within 4 days after the auctions end.

Feedback Policy:
When the auctions end and the winner pay, I will give them the positive feedback within 1-2 days to let the customers know that I have receive the payment. If the customers give up the bids, I will leave the negative feedback because of the e-bay policy. I also hope that the customers can leave me positive feedbacks when they receive the order. So we can end the transactions. Thank you for your order again.

Because my English is not very good, I need a translator to help.

Now I will reply the letter on Tuesday and Friday noon.

I must say sorry about that.

Thank you for your time.

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