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★Newest update: June 15th 2022.

You can find the newest varieties of Adenium on page 20. Feel free to contact us anytime. We will get back to you on working days (from Monday to Friday - 08:00 am ~ 17:00pm - Taiwan Time)

Currently we do not sell any cuttings and grafted plants. We only sell Adenium seeds with the highest quality.cuttings withe and grafted plants. We have offer seeds "buy it now" service

We are pleased to share a step by step guide with photos about "How to Grow Adenium From Seeds" with all Adenium lovers.

Here you can find Adenium New Hybrids, Adenium seeds with Fresh & Highest Quality. All of our seeds are fresh. We do not store and sell the seeds harvested longer than 3 months. Our seeds usually have over 90% germination rate.

Due to staff shortage, our garden has not been open to any visitors and wholesalers since September 12, 2003. We can not take care of the visitors and deal with our export business at the same time. Sorry for the any inconvenience caused.

Our business direction is 100% export now.

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