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Welcoming to Taiwan -- visit our Desert Rose

To: Chi-Lung Ko

My address: No.1-26, Xinzhai, Jiali Dist., Tainan City 72256, Taiwan (R.O.C.) Tel: (06)7263999
Originally I was an orchid farmer. One day, I went to a flower festival to have a look around. Suddenly, a pretty white flower caught my attention. It was a white adenium. With a closer look, the flower was even more beautiful.  Although it was extremely expensive at that time (compared to now), I still bought it. Ever since then, I have been obsessed with Adeniums.

Adeniums, as I can recall, first appeared in Taiwan in areas of Chang Hwa and Yuan Linn. Within these two areas, pink adeniums were the most commonly grown by gardeners. A few years ago, the white adenium was called Snow White, and the red adeniums were called Red Light, Red Sunshine, etc. This was how people in Taiwan started to get interested in Adeniums.

Most of the Adenium gardeners in Taiwan live in the southern part of Taiwan and are young entrepreneurs. What is extraordinary in Taiwan is that the gardeners compete prices for adenium sales, but also compete in breeding the best new hybrids. With this kind of competing spirit, southern Taiwan has become a great area for producing new adenium hybrids. In recent years, we have bred red, white, magenta, and pink adeniums. We also have a series with white eyes and red picotees, a series with striped lines, purple adeniums, etc.  These flowers are being extensively used for pollination and are extremely beautiful.

With all these accomplishments, Taiwan is now beginning to produce new hybrids with white petals and a red throat, also pure yellow adeniums and dark red flowers almost black.

Let me introduce myself; my name is Chi-Lung Ko.  I do not speak English. If you visit our nursery, I can use translation software to communicate with you, but it would be better if you brought along someone who speaks English and Chinese to translate for you.

I would like to inform you that I will reply your mail from Monday to Friday. My translator is not on duty over the weekend. I'm sorry if there is any inconvenience or misunderstanding caused by the delay.

My garden is about an hours drive from Kaohsiung International Airport. Hotels are very convenient in Taiwan, I suggest you book a hotel near Tainan City, which is about a half hours drive from my nursery.

In the Taiwanese market today, our stock of good Desert Roses is in short supply. The price of Desert Rose is rising 20% this year. (This is caused because a lot of Desert Roses are being exported to Mainland China). Lately, there are many superb new varieties of flowers being produced in Taiwan. Some of the new varieties are still not available for sale in the Taiwan market.

New hybrids of Desert Rose are more expensive depending on the quality. There are many varieties of grafted plants, []each has a difference price according to quality.

If you always order a large amount of grafted plants then you must understand that they will be slightly variable. It is not like operating a machine, plants grow at different rates. However, you can be sure that we will only ship plants of excellent quality, usually larger than ordered. However, if you always order only a few, then again you can be certain of excellent quality.  If you want to order seeds of Desert Roses or young grafted plants, then you can follow the procedures below.

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Chi Lung Ko