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Here is the flow chart of Lapidopterous Larvae growth.

The caterpillars morph into chrysalis/pupa form and then into butterflies.

1. The First Step: The Oleander hawk-moth lay eggs over Adeniums petal.

2. After hatching, the worm egg become a glossy and glabrous larva.
3.This kind of worm grows fast. They eat the buds and leaves and grow like this within a day.
4. And they grow up as the most common and most destructive worm. It will be widespread if left unchecked. So take care of this kind of worm.
5.This is the last step for imago. If the worm grows up like this, its color will become dark brown and becoming a chrysalis.
6.This is the picture shows the chrysalis.

7.The adult emerges from the chrysalis, become a moth. This kind of moth fly rapidly. They will spreads lots of eggs on Adenium and recycles the flow chart.

Because of people in different countries use different insecticide, I don't talk about the insecticide particularly.

You can ask the insecticide sellers which kind of worms you want to kill, the sellers will give you a great choice.

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