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This is one of the newly developed striped Adenium about to be sold in the market. It sparkles with elegant red stripes and blooms with many flowers each time. This will be one of the future breed of Adeniums in producing pure white petals with red stripes. We will be expecting much from this Adenium's offspring . Its diameter is 6~8 cm.

他是個獨特的新品種. 這種紅色的品種是台灣最美的. 這樣獨特的品種是值得收藏..
This is the latest red flower. It has waxy, thick, and strong petals; moreover, it is super floweriness. Its diameter is 3-4 cm. It's also the better kind which Taiwanese cultivators grow.
This is the latest white with a red border flower. It has broad overlapping petals and floweriness. The most important parts are its straight withe. and a bunch of flowers. Its diameter is 7-9 cm.
This is the latest kind. This flower blooms very easily. It is 3~4cm in diameter.
This is the latest kind. This kind blooms super Floweriness. Its diameter is 6~8cm. It has not sold in Taiwan..
This is a flower with red bottom and heavy thread. It is floweriness. Its diameter is 6~8 cm..
這是一超越亞洲之星的巨大白色花,它的花瓣細緻,開花性良好,它的花朵直徑11~13公分。 (它是極少流通於台灣)
這是目前台灣的一粉色花的代表,此花堪稱目前粉色中的頂尖之作,開花性特佳,花朵直徑 8~11公分。
哈利波特是目前流行在台灣,五條插角紅線的好花,這是一授粉的良好選擇,它是具多花的性質,花的直徑 7~9公分。

One of the red flowers developed from Taiwan. The periphery of petal is black. This flower's red is stable, fadeless, straight. It is floweriness. Its diameter is 7~10 cm.

台灣美人 II

It is one of the good posterity of Star of Desert. The petal is pink , the center part is amaranth. After every graft survives, it will form the calyx in two weeks. It is floweriness. Its diameter is 8~11 cm.
One of the offspring from Bosom Jade produced of good posterity. Bosom Jade can be imported from America. Star of Net Stripe has a more outstanding stand. That is its diameter is bigger than Bosom Jade. Its leaf is wider and smoother. Its Pink background is the same as Super Floweriness. Its diameter is 7~9 cm.  
It is one of posterity of Multicolor Cloud. Its color is more beautiful than multicolor cloud. Its diameter is 6~8 cm.
It is one of posterity of Multicolor Cloud. Its color is more beautiful than multicolor cloud. Its diameter is 6~8 cm.
美雲 2
這是一極具紅白對比的花朵,具多花的性質,花的直徑 6~8公分。
I attend this flowers the year before last and I wills mass production this year. The flower is red and coffee and it is super floweriness. Its diameter is 3-4 cm. It's not sold in Taiwanese market.
This is the newly seen in the market in Taiwan. The flowers smell odour and bloom very easily. Its diameter is 6~8cm.
This is one New the white petal with red sides. The flower is beautiful by its features and is floweriness. It is 8~11cm diameter.( this breed will not be for sale).
這是一優秀的線條花,它花朵中心,有如一中文字 (大),它的枝條生長粗壯,多花性質,花的直徑 7~9 公分。
It is the only posterity from the Purple Moon. The color is Petunia. The flower is bigger. The most valuable feature is that blooming is easy . And its leaf isn't fuzzy. Its leaf is wider and smoother. Its diameter is 7~10 cm.
Desert Night Fork and Arabia (Small Clank) are different. Desert Night Fork is taller and bigger. (The quantity of flower is more) Arabia (Small Clank) is on the contrary. (The quantity of flower is less and its flower is small)
這是一沙烏地阿拉伯品種,在台灣俗稱:小叮噹,目前的花色是粉紅色,開花性與花朵數普遍欠佳,花的直徑 4~6公分
這是一深桃紅色的好品種,它的開花性好、花朵數眾多,花朵直徑 8~11公分。
It a very unique new stripe lines breed. The petals have very nice curves. It is a floweriness breed, and good for pollinating. The size is 6~8cm in diameter.
This is newly sold in the Desert Rose market in Taiwan. It blooms super floweriness. Its diameter is 3~4cm.
這是由美國進口(新世紀)的優良後代之一,它具有明顯的五紅線條與紅色邊緣,在台灣倍受消費者的青睞,它成長於稍高枝條後,是具明顯多花性質,花的直徑是 6~8公分。
這是一流行於台灣的迷你型沙漠玫瑰,它的特色是植株生長緩慢,枝條略愛往兩旁成長,所以整體而言,迷你型沙漠玫瑰五年生的樹型都類似盆景樹狀,它的另一特色是:長成樹型的迷你沙漠玫瑰,它的開花是長年,花的組合密集有如杜鵑花,花的直徑是 5~9公分。
KO_Z2.jpg (124663 個位元組)
Newest best seller of white petals with red curves in Taiwan. No matter pollinating or grafting, it has become the prime goal of every gardener in Taiwan to obtain this beauty.Its diameter is 6~8 cm.
Super Satisfactory It is one of special red flower. The flower not only is big and round red is beautiful in Taiwan. This flower's red is stable, fadeless, straight. It is a new improved kind.The flower's diameter is 9~13cm.(This flower will be officially sold on the Taiwan market by mid April of 2006).
It is one of special red flower. This flower's red is the most beautiful in Taiwan. This flower's red is stable, fadeless, straight. It is a new improved kind.The flower's diameter is 9~13cm.(This flower will be officially sold on the Taiwan market by mid April of 2006)


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3.種子播種前是否需要經過2~ 4個小時的浸泡區別 !如果你是採用一般灑水的方式澆水,那麼你是需要種子播種前浸泡2~ 4個小時。假如你是採用噴霧方式澆水(如圖示),則可以當播種後立即噴水約15分鐘結束。



6.因為播種於穴盤之中的種子,由播種、發芽、至種苗直徑有1~2公分,(溫度是在於22~35度 之間)只需2個月左右的時間,所以:我的播種介質是不混合肥料在其中。

7.種子發芽後肥料的使用與管理:使用噴灑式的施肥,並且是以葉面吸收為主要(重點:先澆水、 等葉面微乾後再噴灑肥料),肥料的三要素(氮、磷、鉀)成份以均衡既可,施肥的間隔約 4~5天一次,直到換3寸盆結束。

8.填充3寸盆的介質,可以選擇長效(8~9個月)的化學肥料混合介質之中,成長期間約每10天 再追加一次葉面施肥,直到開花。

We are professional team of planting Adeniums, producing high-quality seeds & developing new varieties and hybrids in Taiwan. The seeds are 100% from our garden in Taiwan, The flower pictures are photograghed from the real plants in our garden, the pictures are not been processed by using falsified and exaggerated color, we do not store and sell the seeds be harvested longer than 3 months. All seeds are fresh. So the seeds we produce can afford the oversea delivery time and keep fresh and guarantee a minimum of 80% germination rate (usually more); however, during sowing process, germination conditions, climates, planting materials, watering way and personal factors from seeders are out of our control, these may cause decrease germination rate. Usually we will provide sowing instructions to our customers while they gave feedback about arrival of seed parcel. We have never had any big problems so far. Please refer to the web page " Picture of Sowing Experiences " adenium.com.tw/cultivation_expeirence_english.htm " for more information on germination. There are many good ways to plant Adeniums, we welcome all customers discuss and share your planting experiences with us. Thanks.

All of our seeds are with 100% fresh and highest quality assurance. Each variety is individually wrapped in a sealed plastic bag and include with its name list. They are also very suitable for resale.

The following pictures show how seeds are packed well and ready for mailing worldwide. Seeds are placed in plastic bags in lots of ten, hundred or one thousand seeds. Each variety of Adenium seeds with a list indicating its name and quantity is put accurately in plastic bag. If you would like to see bigger form of following pictures, please link to: " adenium.com.tw/adenium.seeds.ebay.htm "

Special note:
1. Before bidding or placing your order, please confirm the price and other details with the seller.
2. Please make sure that you have already read the entire description and agree the transaction before your purchase.
3. Bidders with Feedback ratings below Zero (Negative Feedback Rating), or with a history of unpaid items or non-completion of auction payments,
I reserve the right to cancel your bids any time.

Shipping Notice, Please Pay Attention

When our weekly auction ends on every Monday (Taiwan time), we'll send the invoice right away to each customer after the auction finished. Due to eBay policy, it doesn't allow that the buyer and the seller mention about purchase in private, if you would like to add some varieties or have any questions, please write to me by e-mail ( adenium@adenium.com.tw ), we will process your questions at once.

Buyers won the items after finishing bidding, please kindly wait for a while, we will send the correct invoice which combined all items right away to buyers. If you pay for your items before we send the final invoice, eBay will add USD$4 shipping fee for each item that you have won. If you pay us the extra shipping fee, we'll send an e-mail to inquiry that you prefer to add more seeds to reach the amount or refund the extra shipping fee right away.

If you would like a prompt shipment after finishing paying, please place and pay for the order before 10:30 A.M(Taiwan) every Wednesday, because that's the deadline of applying for quarantine inspection every week. If we could not catch the deadline of apply for quarantine inspection, then we have to keep your order till next week and mail your seed parcel on next week. Hope you could understand. Also please offer us the delivery information: address, consignee, your zip code (this is a must) and phone number in English.
(Please subjoin your phone number behind your address, because it will help the postman contact with you if you are not home.)

In order to let every customer could receive the parcel safely, we will apply to international standard Quarantine Certificate for each order.
(Especially for the customers lives in Australia, AQIS has very strict regulation for seeds import.)
We apply for Quarantine Inspection once a week (every Wednesday, Taiwan time).

We apply to Quarantine Inspection every Tuesday (Taiwan time).
We get Quarantine certificates after the Quarantine Inspection is finished every Wednesday afternoon(Taiwan time), And we will mail the seed parcels that the buyers has completed the paying procedures the same day.

The seed parcels (bubble envelopes) including quarantine certificate and a tax-avoiding invoice will be shipped worldwide via international registered airmail. No matter how many lots of seeds you purchased or bid, if your total amount is not over USD$50, the shipping fee of each mailing parcel is USD$4. And if the total amount of your order is over USD$50, then the shipping fee of each mailing parcel is free, but we couldn't control the delivery time because there are many factors to influence the delivery time, such as, weather, Post-delivery policy in different countries. Normally, it takes around 10~24 days to arrive USA, CANADA, OR AUSTRALIA, and 15~45 days to arrive main European countries.

But if you are the first time to purchase our seeds, maybe the delivery time will be delayed some days. Because your Quarantine Department or Customs inspect the seed parcel strictly, due to they don't have your relative documents. We couldn't control how long they will hold the seeds for inspection. But, according to our experiences, if you purchase next time, the delivery procedure will be fluent.

****Regarding mailing seeds to Brazil. Due to the Brazil Customs doesn't admit the quarantine certificate from Taiwan, though we've tried many ways to solve this problem, but it still didn't work. From now on, seed parcels will be shipped to Brazil by international ordinary registered mail, and provide the shipping receipt (tracking number). It might take 14~97 days for delivery to Brazil. So far it's the best way to ship the seeds to Brazil, but it still has some risks. If you purchased over 3000 seeds at one-time buy, then we'll separate your order into two differences parcels (not need to pay extra postage), in order to decrease the risk of stuck at Brazil Custom. Here is the delivery time of delivery to Brazil for your reference,

The parcel delivery system for cities small and distant from large urban centers here in Brazil is a bit more time consuming than usual.
In large urban centers, deliveries take about 15 to 20 days.
In small towns close to large urban centers, it takes about 30 days.
In small towns far from large urban centers, it takes about 45 days.
In particular, the delivery of this request was delayed more than usual due to the large number of holidays that occur in September and November here in Brazil.
In addition, according to the parcels were shipped to Brazil in last November and I noticed that it took long time for wait, it took about three months due to the large number of holidays in November, then Christmas and New year. I found the parcels that were shipped in this January will arrive earlier than ones that were shipping in last November and December, Therefore, we hope the customers whom live in Brazil, if you have any questions; please do inform us before you purchase the seeds. We'll be really grateful for it.

If you have any further questions, please don't hesitate to contact us anytime.
Thanks for your understanding.

Return Policy:
When you receive the order in a good condition, we couldn¡¦t accept your request for returning the order. We could only promise that after buyers receive the parcels of plants or seeds and found the parcels of plants or seeds are damaged, we accept the plants or seeds are returned. The seeds and plants we mail are both with good quality. If the order is really damaged, please contact us at the first time by eBay message or e-mail and don't forget to provide a picture of damaged seed parcel or plant. We could resend your order or refund the payment and also help you to resolve your issues quickly and efficiently.
We are not responsible in the case of (1) severe weather at the destination. (2) Delay from shipping or customs at the destination. (3) Please sow the seeds as soon as possible after receiving seed parcel, if you plan to postpone sowing, must to store in dry & cool place, during sowing process, germination environment, climates, planting materials, watering way and personal factored from seeders or the seeds exceed the preserved period (within five months) , these situations will decrease germination rate.

Feedback Policy:
Please give us your 5-Stars Positive feedback.
We are devoted to provided the top level customer service to make sure the customer 100% satisfaction. Please do not leave us Neutral and negative feedback without asking for help. Contact us for help. You could be sure we will do everything possible to make every transaction succeed. Thank you!

Customer Service:
Please contact us through eBay message or e-mail. We will reply every email within 24 hours. If you have any questions about shipping or our products, please let us know before bidding, it's our pleasure to serve my customers.

Payment Instructions:

(1) Pay via Paypal (our paypal E-mail account: adenium@adenium.com.tw)
or offer us your paypal account email. We will send the invoice by paypal as soon as possible.

(2) pay via WESTERN UNION.

Beneficiary First name: CHI LUNG
.................. Last name: KO
TEL: 0932818198

My address: No.1-26, 9th Neighborhood,
Xinzhai, Jiali Dist., Tainan City 72256,
Taiwan (R.O.C.) (06)7263999

Could you please offer us the scan of transfer receipt first to us?
So that we can send the seeds as soon as possible after we confirmed.

We need some information after you pay via WESTERN UNION:
1. MTCN :
2. Exact remittance amount:
3. The remitter First name:
.......................Last name:
4. Remittances Country

(3) By Telegraphic Transfer ( T/T ). Please assure that your payment in full amount and the service fee of your bank will not be deducted from the remittance.
So we do not recommend our customer pay through Bank if the order amount is small.
If you want to pay us through Bank, we will charge you another Bank service fee usd25.00

The account information are below:
Bank Address: 3F, No.210, Sec.3, Chengde Rd, Taipei 103, Taiwan R.O.C.
Bank TEL: 886-2-2380-1799
Bank FAX: 886-2-2380-1700
Swift code: APBKTWTH
Account No.: 0297283568811
Beneficiary: Ko Chi Lung
My address: No.1-26, 9th Neighborhood, Xinzhai, Jiali Dist., Tainan City 72256, Taiwan (R.O.C.) Tel: (06)7263999
Beneficiary Tel: 0932818198

It is not a good idea to send a check to me, because I need to pay the handling charge to the bank or the post office to cash the check and it will also take more than one month for me to get the money. In this way, it might let my customers to wait for long time because I always ship the seed parcels after receiving the payment.

If you have any questions, please feel free to tell us.
We hope we can finish this transaction smoothly.
Thanks again and have a nice day.

About Seeds: Picture of Sowing Experiences

I use hand pollinate, so it has low possibility (20%-30%) to grow into pink adenium. Most of them have characters of their parents. The Single-petal with red, white and white with red border are more stable. Although seed is not guaranteed to look exactly like their parents, some will look exactly like their parents, while others may have only certain characteristics in common with their parents. This is the reason that new varieties are created. It also needs time and luck to produce the new varietiess which are better than their parents.

If you would like to purchase in large qty (such as 100,000 seeds at one-time mail ), it is better that you have import licence. (if you couldn't apply the import license, we may separate the order into five shipments each 20,000 seeds),

2019 The Successful Artificial Pollination....

1.Pink: It reaches 85% for pink seeds to bear pink flowers.
2.White: It reaches 95% for white seeds to bear white flowers.
3.Red: It reaches 95% for red flowers seeds to bear red flowers.
4.Stripe Lined: It reaches 70% for stripe-lined seeds to bear striped-lined flowers.
5.Dark Purple: It reaches 10% for dark purple seeds to bear dark purple flowers.
6.Light Purple: It reaches 30% for light purple seeds to bear light purple flowers.
7.Peach: It reaches 70% for peach seeds to bear peach flowers
8.Red Lining Adenium with Five Petals: It reaches 20% for red lining Adenium with five petals flowers seeds to bear red lining adenium with five petals flowers.
9.Yellow: It reaches 20% for yellow seeds to bear yellow flowers

10.White petal with red curving: It reaches 95% for white petal with red curving seeds to bear white petal with red curving.
11.White Arabicum: It's very a rare variety. According to our experiences, the offsprings of Arabicum only have about thousandth of percentage could grow into the purely white Arabicum. Most of it might be grow into pink color or some of them they might grow into white with red edge or red. We¡¦ve tried many ways to improve this issue and hope it¡¦ll successful blooming the pure white flower sooner.
12. Variegated Leaves White: Basically, variegated leaves is mutant varieties. So far we still can not make sure how many percentage chance that it will grow into exactly like Variegated Leaves. We've been working on developed the better offspring of Variegated Leaves for a long time, but it still need luck to make it grow exactly like its mother plant. So before you order the Variegated Leaves please make sure that you have read this information.
13. New Double and triple layer Adenium: It reaches 25~50% for Double and triple layer seeds to bear Double and triple layer flowers.

Our seeds are dry and in complete dormancy to prevent from wetness in transit in case they are ruined by mildew.
When the customers receive the seeds, we suggest them must soak seeds in the water for 2-4 hours before sowing in order to increase the germination rate.
After sowing, keep the soil wet for 10 days until the sprouts appear.
Please take care of the temperature, which will affect the germination rate directly. The suitable temperature is between 22-35 Celsius degree
Before you prepare sowing, you may notice the forecast of the weather within sowing, if the following 7days will be rainy and cloudy, it will affect the germination rate.
So please make sure that it would be better that the weather should be sunny continuously within sowing.
Here are the recommend links of planting instructions for your reference.




If you have any questions during planting Adeniums, please don't hesitate to contact us.
Thanks again and have a wonderful day.

Happy Sowing.

Please refer to our below explanation of how to use fertilizer is based on temperature condition between 22-35 Celsius degree.
Under this temperature condition, we divide plants growth stage into four to explain.

The first stage (sowing to one month old seedlings),
we do not suggest to use any fertilizer in the media at this period.
because the plants will grow fast at this stage.
During this period, we will use liquid fertilizer and spray once or twice a week.
Please use high N and low P and K liquid fertilizer, such as N20-P15-K15 and plant in the 1 inch pot tray.

The second stage (one month to two months old seedlings),
we will still suggest to use liquid fertilizer at this period.
But the N:P:K ratios in fertilizer should be changed to the same level,
such as N20-P20-K20 and spray once or twice a week.

The third stage (after two months old seedlings),
we prepare to transplant seedlings to a bigger pot(3 inch pot).
When transplanting the seedlings,
we will add slow release chemical fertilizer which can maintain for one year into media and stir with media.
Because the plants will grow much faster at this period and the plants need more fertilizer to grow strong.
We will use slow release chemical fertilizer which N:P:K ratios is same, for example N20-P20-K20.
Also, we will spray liquid fertilizer N:P:K ratios in same level to plant leaves
such as N20-P20-K20 once or twice a week,
in order to supplement insufficient part during this fast growing period.
The leaves surface will absorb liquid fertilizer easily.

The forth stage (after four months old seedlings),
during this period, the plants are going to bloom, if the temperature keep between 22-35 Celsius degree.
We will chang liquid fertilizer N:P:K ratios.
We will use liquid fertilizer which have high P,K and low N or even stopping N,
such as N8:P15:K15. And still spray once or twice a week.

If your plants have already grown the (after Six months old seedlings), such as N 0~10:P 15~30:K 15~30.
and you want to see you plants have flowers often.
please use liquid fertilizer which have more P and K and spray once or twice a week to your plants' leaves.
The leaves surface will absorb liquid fertilizer easily.
Please avoid to spray liquid fertilizer under strong sunlight.
The best time is to spray in the morning or in afternoon after sunset.
This will help your plants to bloom quickly.

If the temperature below 20 Celsius degree, please stop to use the fertilizer.
Because the plant will be dormancy in the cold weather.
When the weather become warm, you can fertilize your plants again

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